Accounting is a Bridge

I define financial planning as the process of thinking about how to accumulate wealth.  As a process financial planning is divided into three elements.  The three elements are choices, transactions, and wealth.  Financial planning begins with the choices to be made and ends with the wealth to be accumulated.  To go from choices to wealth requires a bridge and the bridge is accounting which I define as the study of transactions.

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For the love of sustainability and ethics. Can we "go green"​ in Finance? (part 2)

The commercialization of social and natural capital and their respective concepts, in the modern-day.

  1. Why it relates to finance and how finance teams can further impact the integration of sustainability and ethics into business decision making.

  2. For this article, we explore briefly, how finance teams can identify the most appropriate measures that resonate with decision-makers in business and provide value to them alongside society and the environment, through relevant types of measures, evaluating our measures and incorporating the results, into business decisions across the business.

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For the love of sustainability and ethics. Can we "go green"​ in Finance? (part 1)

"Technological disruption has caused the focus to shift increasingly, towards sustainability and ethics"

Granted, that our environment is being heavily impacted in recent years and we've taken greater notice. But, the former has a spin of added excitement around it and it is the inspiration, for this article.

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Nonfinancial performance measures – Why they matter?

To drive the financial performance engine of your firm, you need to keep a close watch on the fundamental value drivers of your business.

Non-financial performance metrics are increasingly becoming popular and began to be widely adopted by organizations. They have been considered as superior predictors of the future financial performance of the firm. Executive teams are adopting non-financial performance measures to shape executive behaviour. Non-financial performance metrics such as customer loyalty, employee engagement, product quality, innovation quotient or market dominance have increasingly been adopted to determine the executive compensation.

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You Can Have it All

We have all heard and seen the cliched entrepreneurial advice that is too commonly sold… if you want to start a business, quit your job, scale-up, sell out, move to Bali, and then live the four-hour workweek lifestyle. 

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